Gold is largest single export from Dominican Republic

The Dominican Association of Exporters (Adoexpo) celebrated its 50th anniversary last week and released some interesting numbers regarding Dominican exports. Overall, in the first third of 2022, the country has exported well over US$4.1 billion in goods and services. The Industrial Free Zones lead the pack with US$2.5 billion, a 12.66% year to year jump and a 33.49% increase over 2019.

Local exporters sent US$15 billion overseas, a health 5.86% increase year to year and a 32.5% upswing from 2019. The country’s biggest export item was gold, with exports of US$470.74 million. Medical instruments and equipment followed this at US$465 million. The United States is the largest recipient of Dominican exports, with 51% going north.

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20 June 2022