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Arajet cleared to start flights

Hector Porcella and Victor Pacheco Méndez / IDAC

The Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC) announced that Arajet is cleared for commercial and cargo operations. The low cost Dominican airline is authorized for scheduled and charter flights, air cargo and mail. Victor Pacheco Mendez, president of Arajet, said the authorization comes after five years of hard work. He said Arajet will target the Dominican diaspora and passengers from North, Central, South America, and the Caribbean. The airline is expected to soon launch direct flights to and from Santo Domingo with low prices and world-class on-time service.

Pacheco Mendez says the company will gradually begin operations to different destinations in North Central and South America and to the Caribbean, starting in late July and early August.

Arajet will fly Boeing B737 Max aircraft.

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21 June 2022