Insaproma protests Ministry of Environment has not made available Ozama power barges environmental impact study

The Institute of Lawyers for the Protection of the Environment (Insaproma) denounces that the Ministry of the Environment has so far refused to provide it with the environmental compliance reports (ICA) of the two power generation barges owned by the company Seaboard Transcontinental located on the Ozama River. Insaproma reports that the Ministry alleges the documents are private company information.

Euren Cuevas, executive director of Insaproma, said the request for the ICAs was made through the Office of Free Access to Public Information of the Ministry. Cuevas says the denial could be evidence that no environmental impact study was carried out, in violation of the law, and is a way of protecting the company.

Cuevas says the Ministry of the Environment alleges that when it is a matter of industrial, scientific and other secrets, they have the right to deny access to the documents. In a press release, Insoproma questions how can environmental compliance reports on the operation of the barges in the Ozama be secret.

He urged the new Minister of Environment Miguel Ceara Hatton to verify the whole process of installation of the two barges in the Ozama River. He understands a review would show they are installed illegally and arbitrarily and therefore should be ordered to leave for violating the Environmental Law.

Cuevas says that all companies must send the environmental impact reports to the Ministry of Environment to make these free for public access.

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El Caribe

18 July 2022