Somos Pueblo TV shares evidence of fraudulent tender at the Edenorte power distributor

People around the country have to deal with major increases in the cost of power, as the government power distribution companies reduce the subsidies on the electricity rates. Add to this, blackouts. And now, muckraking media Somos Pueblo TV reveals evidence of would-be corruption in EdeNorte, the power distribution company for the country’s northern region.

Eduardo Sánchez Tolentino (El Piro) reported for Somos Pueblo TV, that Edenorte on 13 July 2022 had awarded RD$222,985,484.53 in an irregular manner to Electricos Profesionales. After the news aired, Edenorte announced the contracting was suspended for investigation. El Piro had denounced EdeNorte had chosen the more expensive bid, a company that did not present the certifications needed for the contracting.

The general manager of EdeNorte is Andrés Cueto, who seeks to run for major for the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

El Piro reported the evidence showed irregularities that were worse than those carried out by Maxi Montilla and Alexis Medina, the brother-in-law and brother of former President Danilo Medina who today await trial in preventive custody.

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18 July 2022