Participación Ciudadana backs prosecutors in Medusa case

The civic watchdog, Citizen Participation released on Wdnesday, 13 July 2022 a lengthy statement where it salutes the courage, commitment and enormous effort of state prosecutors that have drafted the so-named Medusa file. The case details widespread corruption within the Attorney General Office under former Attorney General Jean Alain Rodríguez Sánchez.

In a press release, PC states that Dominican society is shaken by the revelations made in the 12,000+ page file. A date for the actual trial has yet to be announced. Meanwhile, the file is available for reading by the general public. It looks into corruption fostered by Rodríguez Sánchez when he was director of the Center for Export and Promotion (CEI-RD) from 2012-2016 and then when he was appointed Attorney General (2016-2020).

“We cannot say that we are surprised by the intricate web of criminality shown by the Public Ministry in this file, since, both our organization and many other sectors of civil society and the investigative press, had denounced the evident anomalies that were being committed in the same body called by the Constitution to execute public policies against crime, delinquency and any kind of violation of the laws,” states PC.

PC highlights that over the years, countless requests had been made to then President Danilo Medina to dismiss Rodriguez Sánchez and to stop the reported abuses. But those claims were never heeded and, to the contrary, that official enjoyed unconditional support, thus compromising the responsibility of the highest authorities of the Medina government.

PC summarizes some of the irregularities now under investigation:
Delivery of works and multimillion dollar contracts in exchange for the compulsive collection of bribes, at least 20%, to a clique of friends, relatives and close associates, for sums reaching billions of pesos, which were collected in cash in the same offices of the Attorney General.
Overvaluations, construction defects and cutting corners in public works, with contractors hand picked despite other more reasonable alternatives, with the express intention of obtaining enormous benefits.
Swindling the state and the population in massive purchasing chapters such as food for jail inmates.
Triangulation of purchase transactions, such as the swindle for more than 12 million pesos for the purchase of a plot of land, supposedly for parking lots of the District Attorney’s Office.
Installation of an association of criminals, made up of friends and relatives, precisely in the institution called to prevent and prosecute corruption and crime.
Installation of an espionage system for their own benefit, which controlled the movements, even of the members of the District Attorney’s Office itself.
Installation of accounts and paid personnel in social networks, expressly destined to spy and persecute critical and honest journalists, as well as to promote the image of the prosecutor, with public resources.
Hiring of foreign advisors, with multimillion public resources, to create image campaigns and advise the head of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.
Destruction of evidence, theft of equipment, night raids in public offices to hide crimes and manipulate files.
Use of public offices as campaign commands, including distribution of resources in favor of the candidate and the official party.
Use of of public resources for personal purposess, such as the construction of villas.
Delivery of seized goods in exchange for alleged advertising services.

The civic movement emphasizes that the 12,275 pages of the file are a must-read material.

PC says that the trial will be an educational lecture, not only for the judicial system and legal professionals, but also will serve as lessons in civism for all citizens, politicians and public officials who will be able to see what constitutes the antithesis of a public servant. PC stresses that people can observe what can happen to those who go to the state to corrupt themselves, showing a total disregard for the respect for the laws, honor and moral principles that should be the foundation of a civilized society.

Participación Ciudadana expressed that it understands the strategy of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in not including in the same file public officials of the highest level who could be, and in the eyes of the citizenry are compromised, with these and other scandalous and shameful acts.

“However, we understand that the law must reach everyone, including those who by commission or omission participated in such excesses,” states the press release.

The press release highlights that the country is going through very important moments, decisive in the aspirations to advance in the fight against corruption and impunity. “The current government cannot afford to give in or relax on a demand that has cost us so much effort and sacrifice. That is why we value and salute President Luis Abinader’s repeated signs of firmly keeping his promises to make a big difference. The President is well aware of the risks of this struggle and so far he has remained firm, in a very commendable attitude.”

Participación Ciudadana expresses once again its confidence in the current team of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and reiterates its commitment to support and accompany them in this process.

“At this time, the entire country must join in the care, accompaniment and encouragement of people like Miriam Germán Brito, Yeni Berenice Reynoso and Wilson Camacho. They and many other magistrates represent a hope for a just, democratic and progressive society,” concludes the statement.

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18 July 2022