Edenorte vs Somos Pueblo

The general manager of the governmental electricity distribution company, EdeNorte, Andres Cueto and his lawyer Juan de Dios Hiraldo on Wednesday, 10 August presented documentation to accuse highly popular Somos Pueblo TV and online news service of defamation. Cueto and Hiraldo are also accusing the Sed de Justicia Foundation in the same defamation recourse. Lawyer Hiraldo said that Francisco Antonio Rosario, president of the Sed de Justicia Foundation and Eduardo Sanchez Tolentino, manager of Somos Pueblo violated articles 21 and 21 of High Tech Law 53-07 and articles 367, 371 and 373 of the Dominican Penal Code.

“We cannot allow that citizens continue to throw mud on the reputation of people that have come to serve the country,” said the lawyer when initiating the legal recourse.

Cueto complained about comments made online by Somos Pueblo on a recent tender for electrical materials carried out by EdeNorte. The tender was suspended.

Somos Pueblo has presented documentation on millions in overpricing regarding a recent EdeNorte tender. The online media presented evidence that the same electric cables purchased by EdeNorte had been bought for millions less days before by EdeEste, another government power distribution company.

Following the legal action by Andres Cueto, Somos Pueblo presented more information to back its comments on irregularities in purchasing at the power distribution company that serves the north of the country. Somos Pueblo visited the Villa Consuelo area where if the cable wiring had been purchased even at higher retail prices, the savings would also have been in the millions.

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15 August 2022