Santiago monorail and cable car to be in operation by 2024

The monorail under construction in Santiago will be in service by February 2024 and the Santiago cable car will begin operating in September 2023. The project builders Manuel Estrella, of Estrella Engineering and Jhael Isa, director of the Office of Uban and Interurban Mobility Projects took President Luis Abinader on a tour during his visit to Santiago on 16 August for his two-year in government report.

The monorail is part of the new Integrated Transportation System (SIT) designed to improve public transportation in Santiago, the country’s second largest city. The system is estimated to cost RD$33 billion.

The monorail will travel on a structure of reinforced concrete rails, on a viaduct that will cross the entire city of Santiago from Cienfuegos to Pekín on a 13-kilometer route, with 15 stations and a central terminal for integration with the cable car. The system connects the most populated sectors and the main workplaces of the city. It is designed to carry 20,000 passengers per hour, equivalent to 200,000 per day.

According to Jhael Isa, the train will have a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour, with a train stopping for passengers every 90 seconds during rush hour. The system has capacity for 580 passengers per train, distributed in 4 cars of 145 passengers each.

In addition, an integrated payment method has been designed to cover all the transportation services offered by the Dominican state and different bank payment instruments will be accepted.

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18 August 2022