RD$20 billion spent to get the DR back on its feet

The Presidency estimates at around RD$20 billion the relief efforts carried out by the government to help people recover after Hurricane Fiona. The Presidency says there has been significant progress in the restoration of basic services, removal of debris and repair of housing. The government has also provided food rations for the needed.

In a report presented on Monday, 26 September 2022 evening from the Presidential Palace, President Luis Abinader mentioned that more than 4,653 homes had already been rebuilt with materials and crews provided by government social services. He said this is around 50% of the homes that were most affected by the hurricane.

He said that more than 242,503 cooked meals were served to victims of the hurricane and another 10,770 raw rations had been delivered via the Comedores Economicos social program.

Likewise, he said the government has replaced 3,020 household appliances, 4,840 mattresses, and delivered hundreds of mosquito nets, bed sheets and potable water bottles to the needed.

Drinking water and electricity services
Regarding potable water service, a total of 67 aqueducts are back in operation and only 14 aqueducts remain to be restored.

Meanwhile, more than 97% of the energy service has been recovered. Edeeste has 97.1% of the electric service restored and has returned power to 748,259 customers. There are still 22,301 customers affected. Likewise, Edenorte restored 99.9 % of the service to its users. This translates into 229,194 customers with service restored and only 869 customers yet to be restored.

The President indicated that all the hospitals are in operation and that many of the affected schools have already resumed classes. He said that 92% of the secondary and neighborhood roads are already restored, while the Ministry of Public Works continues to coordinate efforts to repair bridges and remove fallen trees and debris in far out communities.

The Presidency says measures to assist farmers will be forthcoming. The government Banca Solidaria is working to assist small businesses to recover.

The President praised the extraordinary work of the Army, the Air Force and the Navy: “I take my hat off to them and every day I feel proud of the Armed Forces”.

When questioned about the consequences for the tourism sector, Tourism Minister David Collado responded that, despite the passage of Hurricane Fiona, the month of September will be the best in the history of the country and will again break records, “surpassing for the first time the barrier of 400,000 foreigners in a month of September.”

He added that the hotel sector is extending a helping hand to employees whose homes were affected.

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27 September 2022