Only a fraction have renewed vehicle tax stickers

The infamous “marbete” or Tax on Vehicular Circulation is once again upon us. The marbete must be displayed on the windscreen of all vehicles to circulate. And yet, after nearly six weeks, only a fraction of car owners have paid the required tax.

Car drivers caught without the sticker need to pay a hefty fine, and face the removal of the vehicle until the fine is paid.

The costs RD$1,500 for vehicles that are over five years old, and RD$3,000 for newer models.

There are literally hundreds of places to obtain the stickers. Every S&L office, almost every bank branch, and every office of the Tax Agency (DGII) office will provide the service in minutes.

For this marbete renewal period there are 1,684,837 eligible vehicles and an estimated collection of RD$2.73 billion is expected.

But there is more. You can get the sticker online at the dgii.gob.do website, and it will be delivered to your door.

People have until the end of January 2023 to obtain the sticker. Avoid the rush and do it now.

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5 December 2022