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David Llibre is the new president of Asonahores

David Llibre is the new president of the National Hotel & Tourism Association (Asonahores). He was elected on 29 November 2022 to replace Rafael Blanco Tejera for 2022-2024. Both Blanco Tejera and David Llibre are second generation in the tourism business, taking over from their fathers Rafael Blanco and Julio Llibre), recognized pioneers in the tourism business in the Dominican Republic

Llibre graduated in industrial engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute University in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States. He has a MBA with graduate studies in corporate finance from Bentley College (McCallum Graduate School of Business) in Waltham, Mass.

He has more than 20 years in the areas of operations and finance. He has worked in Grupo M in warehousing operations (2000-2002), Grupo Rica in export of dairy products (2002-2003), pension fund management (2005-2007) and at the company started by his father, Coral Hospitality Corporation (2008+). He has served as vice president of the International Vacation Club, a time-sharing operation.

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6 December 2022