COE in action: Stay safe for the holidays

The second phase of the Center for Emergency Operations (COE) Christmas-New Year holidays operation begins at 2pm on Friday, 30 December 2022 and ends on 1 January 2023. Around 44,000 are deployed at key points nationwide for prevention and to assist travelers.

COE estimates around 3 million people mobilized over the Christmas holiday. For 24-25 December 2022, 18 deaths were reported. In 12 of the 18 death incidents, motorcyclists were involved. There were 102 traffic accidents involving 134 people. The provinces that reported the most deaths and accidents were: Santo Domingo (11.7%), National District (10.7%), San Pedro de Macoris (9.8%), La Vega (8.8%), Puerto Plata (8.8%) and San Cristobal (5.8%). Santiago reported zero deaths for the Christmas holidays.

Stay safe!

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27 December 2022