President Abinader spoke up for democracy and regional integration in CELAC Summit

Speaking at the Summit Abinader also said that Latin American governments and peoples are obliged to defend the democratic spaces achieved in recent years in the region. He said the 7th Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) has the responsibility to defend the sovereignty of the peoples and promote regional integration based on principles and values.

“It is our obligation as the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States to condemn the violent and vandalistic acts against the legitimate and constitutional government of President Lula in Brazil, which sought to subvert the will freely expressed at the ballot box by the Brazilian people,” he said.

President Luis Abinader stated that a free, fair and competitive electoral process is the only way to establish a legitimate government.

In this context, he indicated that “as a community, we have the responsibility to defend the sovereignty of the peoples and promote regional integration based on principles and values.”

The Dominican President considered that “it is necessary that we speak with firmness and conviction about the defense of democratic principles and that we deepen a sincere and well-documented dialogue to learn positive lessons and improve trust and cooperation among the countries of the region.”

He recalled that the Latin American region has a heroic legacy of struggle for freedom, democracy and human rights and also stressed that it has achieved a significant degree of peace and stability, which has allowed us to a greater or lesser extent, to focus on human development and social progress of our citizens.

President Luis Abinader also said that Latin America strongly commits to international law and regional integration. He cited that CELAC and other regional organizations, such as the OAS, SICA, ACS, CARICOM, MERCOSUR, CAN, are bastions of the democratic conquests of our peoples.

On the other hand, the Dominican Head of State pointed out that the invasion of Ukraine represents an additional challenge for the whole world and its ravages, he warned, threatening global stability, fueling ideological conflicts, promoting a new arms race and generating food insecurity.

“CELAC must call for peace and demand that serious efforts to stop the horrors of a war that continues to wreak havoc on populations that do not deserve to pay the price of other people’s conflicts,” he insisted.

President Abinader called for the modernization of regional trade agreements to back regional integration. He took advantage of the forum to invite all to attend the 24-25 March 2023 Iberoamerican Summit in Santo Domingo.

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25 January 2023