Daylight robbery goes very wrong for the thieves

A Saturday, 4 February 2023 armed robbery at a jewelery store in East Santo Domingo went horribly wrong for at lest two of the alleged thieves. This happened after the getaway vehicle crashed and the thieves tried to make their escape on foot. A video on the Diario Libre website shows the lifeless body of one of the men on a sidewalk on Las Americas Avenue in East Santo Domingo after an exchange of gunfire with the police. Another of the alleged thieves was also wounded and later died of his wounds. Two other members of the assault team are now being pursued by the police.

According to the store owner, the robbers took over 7000 grams of gold. The jewelry store with the interesting name of Baticueva, or Batcave, enjoys over 46000 followers on Instagram.

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Diario Libre

6 February 2023