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President Abinader passed new laws for tourism development in Hato Mayor, El Seibo and Duarte provinces

President Abinader signed into law three bills that are expected to stimulate ecotourism development in three provinces – Duarte, Hato Mayor and El Seibo. The declaration awards developers the tax incentives in Tourism Promotion Law No. 158-01, that dates back to 2001.

Law No. 8-23 declares the province of Duarte as an ecotouristic province. The law includes articles that target the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and the promotion of cultural manifestations, for the benefit of economic and social development of province inhabitants.

The law creates the Ecotourism Development Council of the Duarte Province for the promotion and regulation of ecotourism activities in the province and executing of sustainability policies. The law creates a provincial fund for the development of ecotourism and sets aside RD$60 million per year in the National Budget for the first two years.

Law No. 9-23 amends Law No. 77-02, dating back to 2002. The new law declares the province of Hato Mayor also as an ecotourism province and allocates RD$20 million per year in the National Budget for ecotouristic development support in that eastern province.

Law No. 10-23 declares the province of El Seibo as a tourist pole. Law 511-05 dating back to 2005 had already declared the east coastal province as an ecotourism province. The ecotourism status allows for developers to receive the incentives contemplated in Tourism Promotion Law No. 158-01.

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7 February 2023