Ministry of Environment implements plan to turn Duquesa into a city park area

The Ministry of Environment is moving forward with the shutdown of the Duquesa landfill. The Ministry announced the planting of 3,500 trees in a 86,000 square meter area, marking the start of the implementing of the forestry component of the technical closure process for the landfill. Eventually, the entire landfill area of 1,300,000 m2 will be planted. The area in northern Santo Domingo will become a recreational park.

Deputy Minister José Elías González said several species of trees are being planted, including mara (Calophyllum calaba), guaiac (Guaiacum officinale), saman (Samanea saman).

As part of closing the landfill, a rainwater drainage system is under construction. A leachate management system is being installed to eliminate harmful contaminants that can impact water sources. Likewise, the project includes the installation of a waste processing plant and a plan for turning gas generated by waste into energy.

John Grullon, director of solid wastes at the Ministry of Environment, explained the Ministry is implementing the plan with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). He said the lessons learned from the process of closing Duquesa can later be replicated at other landfills around the country, as reported in Diario Libre.

These actions comply with Law 225-20 on Integral Management and Co-processing of Solid Waste, the issuance of Resolution 0036-2021, which seeks to regularize most of the 240 landfills identified in the country that operate in the open air. The Abinader administration is working on the launching of the Public-Private Trust Fund which the government trusts will bring a definitive solution to the landfills.

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13 March 2023