EdeEste identifies truck driver who knocked down 23 power poles in East Santo Domingo

7,189 customers were affected when 23 light posts were dragged forward by a dump truck in eastern Santo Domingo. The event happened at around 11am on Saturday, 20 May 2023. The driver abandoned the dump truck. Most customers had to wait three days for power to be restored.

Distribuidora de Electricidad del Este (Edeeste) identified Joel Terrero Velez, who has a license category 03, and was on the job for CRD Equipos Pesados, as the driver of the dump truck that knocked down 23 poles of a three-phase shaft belonging to the EBRI03 circuit of the El Brisal substation in Santo Domingo East. Some 20 sectors were affected.

During a press conference, the administrator of EdeEste, Andrés Julio Portes explained that the truck’s insurance company will be responsible for the expenses incurred by EdeEste to reestablish electric energy to the 7,189 clients affected by the collapse of the networks. The company would be liable to pay if the coverage is insufficient.

Portes said that in addition to the light poles, the primary networks and low voltage networks also collapsed, as well as the cut-out devices, transformers and lighting fixtures.

He indicated that the cost of the damages cannot be established in its totality until the electric power service is restored. He said that a single power pole could cost RD$29,000 and a transformer RD$200,000.

Portes said that the highest losses were because the company could not deliver power to the sectors affected by the downed power poles.

He said that some 30 brigade technicians are working on restoring the networks. By Tuesday, 23 May 2023, most of the power was restored.

The event affected service to the following sectors: Alpes, Acacia II, Los Reyes, Brisa Oriental III and VIII, Fedomar, Kolosal, Praderas del Este, Prado Oriental, Invidorex. Also, the urbanizations Los Maestros and Villa San Isidro. In addition, the following residential developments: Avepo, Las Cayenas I, II and III, Asturias, Los Educadores, Paco III and Radiante Amanecer in eastern Santo Domingo.

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24 May 2023