Motorcycles and more motorcycles; only 27% register with Intrant

Motorcycles are everywhere. The explanation is that 56.1% of the vehicles circulating in the country are two-wheeled bikes. The Tax Agency (DGII) reports there are 5,463,962 vehicles in circulation.

The Tax Agency has a registration of 3,063,704 motorcycles. A report in Hoy says that of these, only 829,363 (27%) are registered with the National Transport & Transit Institute (Intrant).

The DGII records reveal that there were 189,114 new registrations of motorcycles in 2022. This is 6.6% more than in 2021.

14% of the total number of motorcycles are located in the National District, 13.7% in Santo Domingo, 7.7% in La Vega, 6.4% in Santiago, 6.2% in San Cristóbal and the remaining 32.5% in the other provinces.

The DGII reveals that SUVS increased by 52,189 units, up 9.2%. Sedans were up 40,261, 3.9% more. Cargo vehicles, buses and others are 12.7% of the total.

Motorcyclists are responsible for most of the traffic accidents in the Dominican Republic.

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24 May 2023