Please be aware of what is happening in the Atlantic

Currently, as of this writing, there are three names storms out in the Atlantic, and another one is forming with a 70% chance of becoming a tropical storm. Tropical depression number 12 became Gert, but it is not expected to last very long. Katia is in the eastern Atlantic and not considered to be coming our way. The disturbance to watch is currently situated off the Cape Verde islands and could go West. So far this year, there have been 12 named storms. At this time last year there were just 5 named storms, and the average is 6.9 named storme for this date.

MikeFisher of DR1 Weather explains: “The tropical wave, awaited to move that low westward, is still far Inland over West Africa, the Surface Low to be moved West did not form, yet/does not exist so far. The tropical wave is awaited to leave Africa and hit our highway this weekend, somewhere close to mid highway by mid week the forming of a Storm/TD is forecasted. Conditions show favorable with low SAL and so far no Wind Shear, so it will be interesting to observe the real outcome of such one week in advance prognostics.”

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4 September 2023