TSA rules Ministry of Education can publish textbooks for public schools

The Superior Administrative Court (TSA) ruled in favor of the Ministry of Education (Minerd) and empowered the Ministry to publish textbooks for public school children.

The ruling also rejects the implementation of ordinances 26-2017, 01-2022 and 03-2021, which, according to the publishing house, Casa Duarte, oblige the Ministry of Education to public bidding processes to offer textbooks.

The presidency of the Superior Administrative Court (TSA) rejected the request for a precautionary measure that would have temporarily suspended Ordinance 03-2022 issued by the National Council of Education (CNE) that created the Publishing Department at the Ministry of Education and entrusted the unit with the responsibility to publish textbooks and educational materials.

The court, presided by Judge Diomede Y. Villalona G., issued ruling 0030-01-2023-SSMC-00069 against the publisher Casa Duarte, presided by Pablo Alejandro Cuello Camilo. The ruling establishes: “Suspending Ordinance No. 03-2022 would affect a large majority of students who benefit from the teaching material and, therefore, adopting this measure would cause great harm to them.”

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20 September 2023