JCE’s La Feria office to focus on PRM primaries

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) announced suspending services to the general public at its offices in the Centro de los Heroes (La Feria) from 21 September through 2 October 2023. The JCE offices in the Centro de los Heroes will be dedicated to the delivery of credentials to the members of the polling stations that will work in the primaries of the ruling Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) that are scheduled for 1 October 2023.

The electoral body informed that besides the delivery of credentials for the process of holding the primaries, the offices will proceed to install devices for the digitalization, scanning and transmission of the votes during the primaries.

Training of facilitators will also take place at the La Feria premise. The primaries also serve as pilot programs to prepare JCE staff for the municipal election in February and the presidential and congressional elections in May 2024.

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21 September 2023