Eyes on possible late season developing storm

Metereologists covering the Caribbean are alerting of a possible late season tropical storm that could develop. After Hurricane Otis went from minor to mayor storm in around 12 hours, the lesson is learned.

The storm may surge in the southwestern Caribbean next week. Weather forecasts explain that the waters of the central and southern Caribbean are ripe for a storm to develop.

For the time being, the National Weather Office (Onamet) reports on an area of low pressure over the southwest of the Caribbean Sea, which has a high potential of 70% to become a tropical cyclone in the next seven days.

Meanwhile, for the rest of this week good weather conditions are reported, favorable for all types of outdoor activities.

Onamet forecasts only some isolated showers are expected in provinces of the southeast and the Central Mountain Range, due to the dragging of cloud fields by the east/northeast wind in the afternoon.

DR1’s Mike Fisher has yet to report on the possibility of the Dominican Republic to be affected by a storm in November.

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14 November 2023