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Ministry of Tourism announces new record in arrivals in October

Tourism Minister David Collado informs that the country received 619,204 tourists in October 2023, a new record.

To the rhythm of the song “Dominicano Soy,” by Fernando Villalona, the Ministry of Tourism kicked off its monthly statistics revealing activity this time to share insights into the country’s new advertising campaign underway so the country can reach the goal of 10 million tourists by the end of the year.

President Luis Abinader presided over the event and announced: The countdown to reach the goal has begun.”

“The countdown began, but it is to continue doing what we have been doing. This not only means tourists, it means development, employment, dynamization… I congratulate the entire team of the Ministry of Tourism”, said the head of state.

So far, as of October, 8,245,189 tourists have entered the country, of which 6,554,591 arrived by air and 1,690,598 by sea.

These figures are a new record positioning the Dominican Republic as the second-largest receiver of tourists in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The arrival of 1,754,811 people is still needed to reach the 10 million goal. Collado presented three advertising campaigns that highlight the warmth of the Dominican Republic during the winter and a fourth presentation where several Dominican artists motivate tourists to reach “10 million smiles” by the end of 2023.

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14 November 2023