Pushing for more trade with Caricom

At a time when the multidimensional crisis in Haiti has practically put an end to formal trade with the Dominican Republic, the Dominican export agency Pro Dominicana continues to look to other Caribbean countries to place Dominican products.

“We are deploying concrete actions to increase business with the countries of the Caribbean region and improve the conditions of access for Dominican products to this region, enabling different instruments,” said Biviana Riveiro, executive director.

Riveiro indicated that the Dominican Republic continues to support improvements in transport connectivity to accelerate the trade flow and progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals of the Caribbean region.

Pro Dominicana highlights that the trade exchange between the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean between 2020 and 2022 rose from US$1.98 billion to US$2.56 billion, totaling US$6.78 billion at the end of 2022. In addition, the growth of exports in 2022 was 14.1% compared to 2021.

The Dominican Republic exports to more than 20 Caribbean markets in the past three years, with a total amount exported between 2020-2022 of US$5.52 billion.

Regarding the products exported to this region, there are: cotton fabrics US$141.72 million, medical instruments and devices US$132.69, iron bars US$119 million, T-shirts and T-shirts US$97.9 million and circuit breakers US$84.9 million. Likewise, exports have increased in processed foods and various beverages, among others.

The Dominican government, through renewed efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Pro Dominicana export agency have participated in forums in Caricom countries, including the recent Caribbean Investment Forum organized by Caribbean Export in collaboration with the European Union, and in others organized by the government of Bahamas and the Secretariat of the Caribbean Community (Caricom).

Likewise, the country participated in the Africa Caribbean Trade Investment Forum 2023 (ACTIF) held in Guyana, with the motto “Creating a Shared Prosperous Future,” to awaken interest in increasing trade and investment between the countries of the Caribbean and Africa.

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15 November 2023