Telling how DR is impacted in meetings with EU at their Brussels headquarters

Pelegrín Castillo, Jose Julio Gomez Beato, Andres Lugo Risk and Juan Dionicio Rodriguez / Presidency

A Dominican delegation traveled to Brussels for meetings with legislators and representative of European Union countries at the headquarters of the European Parliament. The delegation is presenting the impact of the Haiti multidimensional crisis on the country and recent developments regarding violations of border treaties following the resuming of the illegal construction of a canal to diver the waters of the Dajabon/Masacre River.

The public sector is represented by Deputy Administrative Minister of the Presidency Andres Lugo Risk and Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations Jose Julio Gomez Beato. Also participating is deputy Juan Dionicio Rodriguez (Frente Amplio) and politician Pelegrin Castillo Seman (Fuerza Nacional Progresista).

The mission is part of efforts of the Dominican government to present abroad the costly impact the multidimensional crisis in Haiti has on the Dominican Republic.

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16 November 2023