Lidom Round Robin Schedule

The Dominican Professional Baseball League (Lidom) announced the schedule for the second phase of the 2023-24 Professional Winter Baseball Championship, starting Wednesday, 27 December 2023, with the playoff teams to be decided by 18 January 2024.

The four teams that made the semi-finals will play 18 games. These are the regular season winner, the Gigantes del Cibao, the Estrellas Orientales, Leones del Escogido and Tigres del Licey.

The teams will take a break after Saturday, 30 December for the New Year holiday. Games will resume on 2 January through Friday, 5 January. Saturday, 6 January is an off day with the semi-finals continuing on Sunday, 7 January through 14 January, with a rest day on Thursday, 11 January. The teams rest on 15 January, and the semi-finals will conclude 16 to 18 January.

Sunday games will be played at 5pm, and Saturday 30 December, too. The Saturday, 13 January game will be played at 2:30pm.

The good news for capital city fans is that both the National District teams Escogido and Tigres made the cut, so there will always be baseball played in the Estadio Quisqueya.

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26 December 2023