Deranged man crashes into gate of the Presidency

On Sunday, 4 February 4, 2024, at 11:50pm, Dominican citizen John Raymond Durán Villar crashed into the metal gates of the north access to the Presidential Palace on México Avenue. The Presidency issued an explanatory note indicating that the President was at home.

The individual would carry out high-speed turns until reaching the interior parking lot, where the vehicle stopped after colliding with a parked black Toyota 4Runner.

Durán Villar used a gray Chevrolet Colorado pick up truck, with license plate L477542 registered to his name.

The truck suffered damage in several parts of its bodywork as it impacted other vehicles during his trajectory through the Presidential Palace.

Presidency spokesperson Homero Figueroa said that after being neutralized, the individual was taken to the Central Hospital of the Armed Forces emergency room, where he is currently receiving medical attention.

The Presidential spokesperson indicated that as a result of the impact against the first perimeter gate, Sergeant Westel Jiménez Hernández and Private Erick Castillo Tejada, belonging to the Army of the Dominican Republic (ERD), who were on duty at the gate, were seriously injured. They were hit by the vehicle. Both the driver of the vehicle and the two military guards are in delicate condition in the military hospital.

In a preliminary interrogation, the person responsible for this incident said he committed the action “prompted by divine instruction.” The presidential note said the remark reflects an evident state of emotional instability.

The incident is under investigation. Toxicological results are awaited to determine if the citizen involved in this incident was under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

Relatives of the man said he is undergoing a mental crisis.

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6 February 2024