Santiago Free Zones are celebrating their 50th year

Miguel Lama, president of the board of directors of the Santiago Free Zone Corporation, shared the new vision for the development of leading manufacturing zone and announced activities for the celebration of the anniversary.

The Santiago Free Zone Corporation was started in 1974 in a depressed area of the country’s second largest city. It was during the early days of the installation of tax-free export manufacturing in the country.

“The Corporation has inspired and supported high-profile projects for Santiago, the northern region and the country. It has been a fundamental pillar for the Dominican economy, standing out for its ability to generate employment, attract investments and contribute to the social and economic growth of the nation,” said Lama.

Lama said that back then, the vision was to transform the industrial park and the institutional ecosystem into the first business city, sustainable, friendly, reliable, attractive, and a reference for investments.

“Grateful to have half a century of experiences, innovation and leadership, the Corporation is now focused on the design of the coming decades with the same passion and dedication that characterizes it. We will explore new investment areas and promote projects that will continue to contribute to sustainable development,” guaranteed Lama.

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6 February 2024