Ramón Oviedo Retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art celebrates his centenary

A mega-retrospective with around 400 works by Ramón Oviedo opened at the Museum of Modern Art on 7 February to celebrate the centenary of the Dominican master painter.

“Oviedo, 100 years” is taking up three of the four floors of the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) through 10 April. His murals, canvases, sculptures and drawings are divided into stages from 1938 to 2014.

Smaller versions of the exhibit are planned to gradually open in museums and galleries nationwide.

The painter Omar Molina Oviedo, president of the Ramón Oviedo Foundation, says exhibitions will open on the 22 February at the Perelló Cultural Center in Baní; on 23 February at the Cultural Center of Spain in the Colonial City of Santo Domingo; and, on the 29 February, at the Bellapart Museum, also in Santo Domingo.

Molina Oviedo says Ramon Oviedo worked as a photoengraver, billboard designer, advertising artist and employee of the Dominican Cartographic Institute until ee dedicated himself completely to his passion: art.

Oviedo died on 12 July 2015 at the age of 91, leaving behind a legacy of around 15,000, many of which are exhibited in important national and international museums and institutions.

The exhibit includes a room where 23 self-portraits are exhibited in different formats and painting techniques.

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8 February 2024