Deadlines to present candidates for presidential and congressional elections extended

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) is giving political parties more time to present the candidacies for president and vice president, senator and deputy candidates and the alliances for the presidential and congressional elections.

The deadline was 23 February 2024. Now the JCE, the organizer of general elections in the Dominican Republic, announces it has accepted the requests made by several political parties to extend the time these have to agree on alliances. The political parties now have until Tuesday, 27 February to deposit the alliances.

The request for the postponement was presented by the Foro Permanente de Partidos Políticos de República Dominicana (FOPPPREDOM).

Likewise, the JCE extended from Sunday, 25 February to Thursday, 29 February at 3:30pm, the deadline for public hearings on the requests for mergers, alliances or coalitions for the elections.

The organization extended from 28 February until Sunday, 3 March the deadline for deciding on requests for electoral alliances.

The JCE also extended the presentation of presidential, senatorial and deputy candidacies until Thursday, 7 March at 12 midnight. The previous deadline date was Monday, 4 March.

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22 February 2024