Major League Baseball returns to Santo Domingo

On Saturday and Sunday, 9-10 March 2024, Boston Red Sox players return to the Juan Marichal Baseball Stadium (Quisqueya) in Santo Domingo. This is the first time Boston has played here since the year 2000.

This year, the other visiting team will be the Tampa Bay Rays. Tampa has never played in the Dominican Republic.

As part of an extensive slate of international games in 2024, the inaugural Dominican Republic Series is set for 9-10 March 2024. The Boston Red Sox will face the Tampa Bay Rays during a pair of Spring Training contests at Estadio Quisqueya in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The baseball field as well as the dressing rooms have been upgraded to the care and comfort of the players and coaches. The playing field has also been upgraded to Major League standards. Prices for seats for the games on Saturday and Sunday vary from RD$6,800 for box seats to RD$1,150 for the bleachers.

Tickets are available locally through Uepa Tickets

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4 March 2024