Macarrulla strikes deal with prosecution in Operation Medusa

Prosecutors continue to reach deals with the accused in the Medusa Operation in hopes of accelerating the corruption case against former Attorney General Jean Alain Rodriguez. State prosecutors are accepting reduced sentences in exchange for the statements of evidence against Rodriguez.

Lisandro Jose Macarrulla Martinez, son of the first Minister of the Presidency in the Abinader administration, Lisandro Antonio Macarrulla Tavarez, admitted to paying bribes to obtain contract work from the Attorney General Office under former Attorney General Jean Alain Rodriguez. Lisandro Macarrulla Martinez joins an increasing list of contractors and suppliers to the Attorney General Office under Rodriguez, who is the main culprit in the major corruption case known as Operación Medusa.

In the case of Macarrulla Jr., the prosecution asked for three years of suspended detention and a return of RD$77 million to the state of assets already seized by the prosecution. He will also reimburse the state with RD$57 million and deliver an apartment worth RD$20 million at the Torre M2 in Santo Domingo. Macarrulla is charged with criminal association, embezzlement to the state and making bribes to receive contract work.

The Macarrulla family company, Mac Construcciones is a major contractor in the La Parra Jail and other state contracts. Both father and son were authorized to sign for the company. The father was not charged.

The prosecution file had established that MAC Construcciones had received a contract for Lot #5 worth RD$1.29 billion for construction work at the Las Parras jail in February 2019.

Diario Libre reports that already 21 of the 63 accused have admitted to complicity with the past Attorney General Office work and on who this works against the defense of former Attorney General Jean Alain Rodriguez. The deals are expected to expedite the 4,000-page case.

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25 March 2024