Mantequilla, Ponzi scheme mastermind, gets off easy

The First Court of Instruction of the Monte Plata province issued on Friday, 22 March 2024 a sentence for two years of suspended prison against Wilkin García Peguero (Mantequilla), for abuse of trust. Suspended prison means the charged will not have to serve the judge sentence as long as he meets the conditions of the ruling.

Mantequilla operated 3.14 Inversiones World Wide in the town of Sabana Grande de Boyá, Monte Plata province. The unregulated entity was investigated for operating a Ponzi scheme that disseminated the savings of investors, mostly from the Monte Plata area.

Superintendent of Banks Alejandro Fernandez had raised a red flag in September 2022 notifying potential investors that Mantequilla was not a financial wiz, and that instead, people were vulnerable to being victims of a pyramid-style fraud. The Fernandez alert opened eyes to many and affected the entry of fresh cash to feed the financial scheme. Mantequilla would be arrested in November 2022.

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25 March 2024