More tell on former AG Jean Alain Rodriguez

State prosecutors have increased to 26 the incriminated who have told on former Attorney General Jean Alain Rodriguez Sanchez in the continuing of the Operation Medusa corruption case. Rodriguez Sanchez was the chief prosecutor during the second term of the government of former President Danilo Medina (2016-2020).

Local media reports on how the most trusted employees hired by Rodriguez Sanchez to work with him at the Attorney General Office (PGR) have now told on him and say they were following instructions. This includes the former administrative and financial director of the PGR, Jonathan Joel Rodríguez and Rafael Stefano Cano Sacco, cabinet head at the PGR, the lead witness in the case, who traveled to Spain in July 2020 before the change of government and before the case began, taking with him all the evidence of what went on at the PGR.

The judge in charge of the case has maintained the electronic shackles that restrict the former attorney general’s mobility.

The defense of Jean Alain Rodriguez Sanchez says the incriminated have been forced to negotiate for their particular benefits.

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3 April 2024