Presidential campaign closes on Wednesday and Thursday

Former three-term President Leonel Fernandez, who is running for the Fuerza del Pueblo (People’s Force party), will be on a caravan march in eastern Santo Domingo on Wednesday, 15 May 2024, at the closing of his presidential campaign. Eastern Santo Domingo is the most populated urban area in the Dominican Republic. The activity is scheduled for around 3pm, which means all who are not participating in the political event should avoid the area. The caravan is intended to be a strong showing of the political support the former three-term President continues to have. Fernandez is campaigning on his past track record, his gift of the word, and his promise to tackle national problems from the stand of experience.

The Wednesday caravan will center on Avenida Venezuela, Ozama neighborhood to San Vicente de Paul Avenue, sections of Santo Domingo that are crucial for connecting to the East, including to Las Americas International Airport.

The People’s Force has intensified its coordination work to guarantee a massive presence during the caravan march of the grand closing of the campaign.

His contender, former Santiago Mayor Abel Martinez, who is running for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), will be in Santo Domingo province municipalities and the capital city on Wednesday. On Thursday, he will hold a mega caravan activity in San Cristobal.

Reports are that President Luis Abinader will be in Monte Plata, San Francisco, Tenares (Salcedo) on Wednesday, 15 May and Thursday, 16 May, the last days for the 2024 presidential campaign. Electoral law orders all campaigning to conclude by midnight on Thursday.

President Luis Abinader is running for reelection for the Modern Revolutionary Party and is scheduled to close his campaign on Thursday in the capital city.

Article 165 of Law 20-23 of the Electoral Regime bans proselytism, public spectacles, public meetings of a political nature and electoral propaganda through the press, radio and television. This restriction begins at midnight on the Thursday immediately before election day on Sunday, 19 May 2024.

Recent polls (Gallup, Penn/Stagwell, Greenberg) show President Luis Abinader with a comfortable lead in the race followed by Leonel Fernandez and Abel Martinez.

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15 May 2024