Abinader should not attend Ukraine peace conference

Anibal de Castro recommends the Dominican Republic discretely back Ukraine in the conference by sending a “modest representation”. He understands it would not be in the national interest for President Luis Abinader to attend the peace conference in Switzerland. The conference is organized by Ukraine and has the backing of several European countries.

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa of Portugal asked President Abinader to attend the conference when the Dominican statesman visited Portugal during his European work-vacation in May.

Executive editor of Diario Libre, Anibal de Castro, a former Dominican ambassador, says the perspective of the crisis in Haiti is what is most important in the country’s international dealings. De Castro explains that Russia has a seat on the UN Security Council and can veto any UN assistance to Haiti. Russia nor China are participating in the Swiss conference. So far it is known that US Vice President Kamala Harris will represent the US government.

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6 June 2024