Separating minors from adults in prison

The National Attorney General, Abel Rodriguez del Orbe, ordered the transfer of 268 minors from La Victoria jail in the National District to the newly constructed prison in the province of Azua. The problem of minors imprisoned together with adults has plagued the D.R.’s prison system for years, because of the abuses committed against the youngsters by adult inmates and the lack of proper rehabilitation for boys up to 18 years old. The minors had their records evaluated and were taken to Azua on Sunday, 27 October. They are expected to be either released or put on trial immediately, depending on what is found in their files.

The number of prisoners on remand has become such a problem that the Listin Diario newspaper reports that of 3,757 prisoners in La Victoria, only 151 have actually been convicted. The rest are awaiting trial. The prison was built in 1958 for a capacity of only 200 inmates. Renovations were begun on 28 October in order to add more space.