Government to construct 100,000 housing units for the poor

The director of the National Housing Institute (INVI), Joaquin Geronimo, announced a plan to construct approximately 100,000 housing units for poor families and those who have been dislodged from their homes for various reasons. Mr. Guerrero made his comments just days after President Leonel Fernandez visited poor neighborhoods in the capital, where housing is inadequate and whose residents would surely be some of those receiving the new housing units.

The construction of apartment buildings and small houses for the poor was heavily financed by the last government of Dr. Joaquin Balaguer (1986-1996), and many of those in need of the housing benefited. There were, however, many accusations of favoritism and the granting of the new units to families who were not in dire financial straits nor needed better accommodation, but who had connections with the central government. Mr. Guerrero has expressed his wish to avoid similar irregularities with the new housing scheme designed by INVI.