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Hotetur Dominican Bay

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City: Boca Chica Contact: Value for money: Excellent
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The Hotetur Dominican Bay hotel in Boca Chica is one of three all inclusives in Boca Chica. It is the cheapest of the all inclusives, and is a great value for the money. About 80-90 percent of the guests are from France or Germany, with a fair number of Dominicans on the weekends. We were the only US citizens the whole week long we stayed there. Like with all the all inclusives, the food does get a bit monotonous after a few days, and there was a lot of chipped plates, but on the whole was more than acceptable, and there was always something for everyone at each meal. The staff are all a terrific bunch of kids, all multi lingual, and very friendly. The resort is not on the beach, but has a beach area, which has a water sports shack, disco and snack area on the beach that you have to walk to. It is a good three block walk, which did not bother me that much, but you do need to make sure that you have everything that you need for going to the beach or you could be doing a lot of walking back and forth to your room. For those who really like the beach and make that the main focus of their vacation, you might want to stay someplace else. The shows in the evenings are pretty boring, but are great for young people (kids, teens, etc) to give them something to do at night. The disco was never that busy, but once again the staff all did their best.

The best thing about this place is the cost - for two adults, we paid $70 a day US (for both, not per person!) all inclusive in late June, which is a terrific deal considering it included all meals and alcoholic drinks. I'm sure that we drank at least that much per day, let alone all we ate! Paying that price, I'm obviously not expecting top notch food or outstanding service, and thought the trip was a great deal. They do charge a per day fee is you want to use the safe (about $2 or so). We never had a problem with water pressure, always had hot water, ac worked great, and the grounds are very pretty. All in all, a terrific deal if you need an AI in Boca Chica.
Author: Annonymous Review date: 08/4/2005



We had a great time..Great deal...clean rooms..excellent staff...friendly... would go back again in a heartbeat.... Thanks Papino!!!
Author: Kathleen Mustar Posted at 9:50 09/26/2010

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