Economic Data from 2005
Source: Canadian Embassy (

Trade details with Canada

GDP: US$28.4 billion (2005)
Real GDP Growth Rate: 9.3% (2005)
GDP per Capita: US$3,247 (2005)
Inflation Rate: 7.4% (2005)
Unemployment Rate: 17.5% (Oct 2005)
Total External Debt: US$6.75 billion(2005)
Net Foreign Direct Investment: US$898.8 million (2005)

International Net Reserves: US$1,519.7 million (2005)

Major Canadian Imports from Dominican Republic:
Electrical equipment, textiles, cocoa beans, medical supplies, fruits.

Major Canadian Exports to Dominican Republic:
Newsprint and paper products, pulses, dry fish, chemicals, prefabricated and concrete structures (2005 only), automobile parts, machinery and electrical equipment.
Canadian Direct Foreign Investment: US$ 70.1 million (Jan-Sept 2005e);
Cumulative as of Sept 2005: US $ 1.55 billion *

Canadian Aid:C$3.1 million(2004)

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