Another Expat Murder


Jul 7, 2016
Threw him down a ravine where he was found without eyes. Sounds like birds did this. Article didn’t say how or use words like gouged out.


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Apr 1, 2014
When living in a developing country full of criminals that shares a border with a country like Haiti... you know the risk and if you move the right way with enough street smarts (like how to read people and situations) you are unlikely to end up being seriously injured or killed by someone while visiting/ living down here.

By comparision this country is a heck of a lot safer than the USA and I'll take living here in Santiago over dying in Orleans Parrish, New Orleans (my last US address) any day of the week.

RIP fella.


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Jan 9, 2009
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Still not as dangerous as the corrupt U.S. They lock 'em up then release them with no bail. violent crime is skyrocketing coast to coast
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Mar 13, 2017
I was sad to read the story and I do think it influences some people's decision to move here.

I've been here since I was 22 and I have always been extremely careful living in the capital. I don't do too much walking on the street but I do frequent the same places. When people ask me if it is safe, I usually tell them unless you're involved with illicit activity MOST of the time the worse you're subjected to is petty crime. Like many others, I find it safer here than in the states. I don't feel the anxiety at malls or public events as I do when I am at home.

Aside from the audacity to rob an 80-year-old, reading that his eyes were gouged out is insane and very violent. They must've been extremely ruthless criminals to do so.
yes that's kind of nuts . maybe a crime of passion ...


Oct 30, 2021
They know the day your money drops in the bank it coincides with a the prior few days of people being nice and telling you about there money concerns and on the day ( 1st of Month ) a constant stream of children around with hands out or stalking the Colmado. They don't miss a trick

JD Jones

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Jan 7, 2016
They know the day your money drops in the bank it coincides with a the prior few days of people being nice and telling you about there money concerns and on the day ( 1st of Month ) a constant stream of children around with hands out or stalking the Colmado. They don't miss a trick

You finally made it home, right?


Oct 30, 2021
You finally made it home, right?
Yes... Bus from El Limon to Santo Domingo. 500peso
Motoconcho to Consulate 220 pesos Uber to Airport 1400 pesos including tip. Spent the night in Starbucks and flew to London via Madrid with iIberia.
Had been here 2years 10 days due to to COVID. Caused confusion at immigration with new emergency passport with no entry stamp. Never paid overstay fee. Will fix that up with Dominican Embassy here in London.



Mar 26, 2008
Pretty sure 90% of those murders in NYC are gang-related.
If you're not engaging in sketchy or illegal activity I think you'll be safe in NYC.

But these expats are always innocent. They're not flying into the DR to do risky business. They just wanna relax and enjoy their retirement.
There is the difference.

I mean does your neighbor or spouse kill you over money in the US at the same rate they kill innocent expats in the DR?
Murders in NYC and US are not all gang related .Many are bystanders. or from mass murderers and from mentally ill, wacked out people. I've been to DR 10 times and usually felt pretty safe except in parts of the capitol . Has DR gone the same way NYC has?
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chico bill

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May 6, 2016
Another sad story. I doubt it's a problem caused by the DR or Dominicans. We need to look at our neighbour. I bet this latest murder was perpetrated by Haitians. To so many Haitians, life is cheap. Haiti has descended into a lawless anarchy and the capital is overrun by gangs driven by narcos.

My opinion is that if you give a Dominican an opportunity to steal if they think they will get away with, then many won't think twice about taking it. However, killing is another matter. You very rarely hear about Dominicans killing people to rob them, compared to Haitians.

Many Haitians are so desperate that even if they get caught, they won't go hungry in jail. The whole World needs to step up to the plate and start thinking of a solution to help Haiti get back on its feet.
I think that is BS
Dominicans are well versed in killings and it happens daily.
Haitians, yeah some might kill, but for the most part they are so poor they want just a little income in some form of work, and are more religious than Dominicans.

I would rather live closer to Haitians than young Dominicans.
Maybe some of the murders are burglaries gone bad but their is a high incidence of theft here in DR

Two neighbors (both Dominicans) near me had their fairly new Chinese motos stolen in one day last week.
A young Dominican was seen taking one of the bikes into Charamicos.
The police are well aware of him, since he's a repeat thief - but I am waiting to hear if the bikes were recovered.
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chico bill

Dogs Better than People
May 6, 2016
Anything is possible.
But if that ever happened to me they better not get close enough to me with the gun because I am going to do a gun takeaway.
Just like I have had to do on the streets of my country of origin while working.

I did not move here without the ability go hard in the paint while taking the rock 🏀 to the hole 🕳️ while taking a little (or a lot) of contact 💥 and still finish strong.

But after many years of living here it has not happened yet.
And I doubt if it will happen at this point because my workman come with recommendations from a good friend of mine who has a company that specializes in making referrals for workman who do quality work.
Because my first inverter install that I had performed cost me 10,000 in a used and reworked inverter and the same with the batteries. Poor performance.
Guess what I did next time.

When I saw my neighbors (who were Dominican) getting an inverter installed, I called out to the tech doing the work and asked him to come take a look at my system. He checked it out and explained how the other tech had ripped me off (10,000 DOP without a gun or armed accomplices). The tech explained the type of inverter I needed to buy and the batteries. He explained that when I had made those purchases to then contact him and he would return to install them. And he gave me a price.
Lesson learned.

I am not‼️

I don't run scared of my own shadow as some do.
Boots on the ground beats reading stories from another continent any day of the week, month, year.
I live and I learn and do not worry about what might happen while I live a life in the Dominican Republic many would love to have.

But if it is not for you, don't move here.
Find a place that is safe and makes you happy Bro.
If you like it, I love it.
No matter where it is.

Mike drop ‼️ 💥 And I exit stage right...
Well said

I recall driving from the US to Costa Rica - even passing through Southern Mexico during the Chiapas conflict.
There were times I looked around and I was actually stopped by two banditos looking for booty but $20 and a fake pair of Ray Bans was all they got. Made me mad but it made a good story.

I was more worried about being attacked by dysentery than being physically attacked,

Make friends only after you have observed them for some time. If they are young and don't work regularly, avoid them.
Never invite them into your home, unless you have known them for at least a year, or a gringo neighbor vouches for them.

Keep alert at all times and don't live scared. Having a couple of watch dogs are a good idea (ones with good hearing and big barks).
I have a little dog who can hear a fat man fart from two hundred yards and her yaps alerts the big boy whose bark is baritone & lets you know he is big enough to back it up.


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Jan 20, 2003
Didn't most of the expats killed in the DR knew their killer?
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