Topless sunbathing



Maybe a little late in this thread, but since I noticed
recent posters, I join in.

Believe it or not, my (dominican) wife "strongly prefers" I
don't go "topless" normally! Furthermore, it doesn't seem
to have any sexual notions at all, since it is perfectly
alright when it's cloudy. Just a care for my well-beeing in
the strong sun! Please understand that most dominicans have
this feeling that the sun is dangerous, and you have to
cover up to protect yourself. There's ALSO a "public sexual
inhibition" to avoid explicit sex outside the bedroom.

Unfortunately, the situation also includes quite some
"mumble-jumble" towards the young ones, there are simply too
many 14-15 year old mothers, and too few well educated parents
to deal logically with it. The result: an "anti-sex" hysteria
out of proportion. It is not unusual that parents force
their teenage daughters to a medical exam for "virginity",
just for beeing late home at night!

It takes a little more than just an "expertise education"
to deal with such, if it even should be "dealt" with.

As a man, I can't possibly imagine what it would feel like to
be forced into a gyneacology chair and being "examined" against
my will. I can just pray that noone I know will ever aquire that

About the psychology:

At the age of 11, my (step)son got interested in toy-guns,
aquired a few (without my consent, but with his own earned
money), and was running around pointing them at anyone.

I bought a real gun, we built a shooting range together in the
basement, and I carefully taught him the dangers, and to never,
never, never, ever point it towards any living thing.

A few years later I/we used a similar manner to show him what
I and "mom" were doing to show each other love and respect

He's now 19 years, pacifist, and eager to please, rather
than molest his girlfriend.

"Sex and violence revisited..."


Gunnar, thanks for your posting.
This may be off-topic, but could you elaborate on a couple of things for this European Latino ? :
1. "Too few well educated parents to deal logically...."
2. "not unusual that parents force their teenage daughter to a medical exam"

On 1 : where can I find data on this, what is the definition of "well educated" and "deal logically".
On 2 : Is this hearsay or is there a government or other report on this. ehh..., "because the girl got home late".
Are we talking about mi gente ?

Yes, I'm late, but I need to get this off my chest:
Bob and the blond guy (Rubio) should be hugging each other, not
comparing macho notes who's got the bigger, better armed forces and who stopped the Nazis on mainland Europe.
The US, together with the Brits and their descendants downunder, are using this vast electronic array to keep tabs on the rest of the free world. In Europe, they are using this array, codenamed Echelon, to read all digital packets, i.e. email. To ensure that all my mail sets off the trigger, I send a second digi-signal with some of the triggerwords, like "fuse" or "money".

On topic :
I agree with the postings that say that topless sunbathing is a European export and usually "not done" by Dominican ladies.
On the other hand, ever seen the gals in the big Carnaval parade in Rio? Latinos, gente de la Raza, are a sensuous people. Sex is a private matter, piropear is not the same as sexual harassment.


Re: "Sex and violence revisited..."

?Hola! Gunnar y Bobs,

Thank you for your interesting and informative posts, this thread

has certainly taken on life of it's own. lol

?Feliz Navidad y Prospero a?o Nuevo con Todo!


. . . CES


Actually, the NSA uses "Carnivore" and it reads a heck of a lot more than your email, so try to confuse them a little more


Re:ANY sunbathing!!! (WBDominicana:)

~ Estimada WBDominicana,

Thank you for your most kind response. I can certainly appreciate a board under the influence of "tranquilly ". lol

Warm Regards,

. . . CES

ps . . . >>> "Here in the upper midwest, it's 3.0 (three) degrees F. with God-only-knows-what wind chill reading!" <<<

Having lived (survived;) in Montana I know that frozen feeee . . . eling, here in N. California today we'll see 60*F +-, last nite 34*F. . .


On 1: I'm sure the health ministry can provide statistics

about new mothers in differrent age groups. I admit

that the term "well-educated" was diffuse and misleading.

"With insufficient household income to feed another mouth"

would have been more appropriate. "Logical" would mean to

actively search a better "solution" than screaming and

beating up a new teenage mother.

On 2: Unfortunately not hearsay. I've seen the crying teenage

girls being placed firmly between the father and a conchero

with destination "el medico para controlar nada mal

pasado". It is not at all uncommon in our neighbourhood!

Guess what happens if "algun mal" actually seems to have

happened! I've seen that too.


Why get excited about topless sunbathing. Just wach carnival here totally nude women dancers on the mailcon & men to if that is your bag. IT is telivised check a fue years back and you can see it all. They show it ALL.


Thanx Tom, I know about Carnivore and Olympic Terrace and Cookiemonster and ..... all do pretty much the same depending on agency. NSA had the universal key to PGP, but they were not interested. Now they have to spend vast amounts of your taxdollars in Cray supers just to crack a single message Russian mobsters send to their operatives in NY. BTW, I don't think Carnivore is going to make it. The FBI is already shopping elsewhere.
Que disfruten de su Navidad.


Re: Topless sunbathing (WBDominicana:)

Of course you are right CES. Some visiters to this board may remember my posting re: Tacky Tourist in which I suggested toplessness and the sort were in very bad taste. Some jumped on me for hinting at what was appropriate and inappropriate. One asked if I thought it was the Vatican or something to that effect if I remember right. One should always be respectful of their host's customs whether they agree or disagree.