Peña Gómez is critical of Balaguer’s non-support of Peynado

Jose Francisco Peña Gómez, presidential candidate for the PRD and the Acuerdo de Santo Domingo, said that the next government that is born of the May election should put an end to centering all matters on the President, which has been so much a part of Dr Balaguer’s governing style. He suggested that it will be a priority for the PRD to limit the powers of the President of the Republic, as a way to strengthen the institutionality of the country. He also criticized the way in which the President handles, at his own discretion, 52% of the nation’s income.

José Francisco Peña Gómez, analyzing the internal situation of the PRSC, said that a dispersion of forces within the organization would have fatal consequences for democracy in the country and he exhorted President Balaguer to outlaw “seditious” sectors within the party that would like to prolong the Balaguer administration to four years

He told the press that important leaders within the PRSC, namely the so-called “anillo palaciego” or National Palace ring, would like to terminate the party and commit political suicide which would be harmful to the other directors.

He said that, in the short term, the perceived crisis in the PRSC may benefit him, in part because his vice presidential candidate is a PRSC dissident, but the weakening of that institution would have an adverse effect on democracy.