Covid-19 travel insurance plan starts on 15 September

Tourism Minister David Collado announces the government is ready to start the travel and trip insurance plan to visitors this 15 September 2020. The Dominican government is paying. All short-stay tourists (non-resident foreigners) entering the country from 15 September to 31 December will be covered for Covid-19 infection.

The insurance is part of the Responsible Tourism Recovery Plan under the Ministry of Tourism. As part of the plan, non-invasive breathalyzer Covid-19 tests will be carried out randomly at Dominican airports. The breathalyzer uses new technology developed in Israel.

Collado says the Dominican Republic is the only country to offer free insurance. He says the ministry has also worked with hospitals in tourism destinations on the logistics for the handling of any Covid-19 cases. The first case detected in the Dominican Republic was that of an Italian tourist hospitalized here for two months at the Ramon de Lara Air Force hospital. The Dominican government then picked up the hospital tab.

Collado said that as of 15 September the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) will begin publishing a statistical report on the situation of spread and lethality of Covid-19 in tourism destinations.

“We are prepared within the reality of the world today to receive tourists in our country,” tweeted the Minister of Tourism.

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Ministry of Tourism

8 September 2020