Dominican ambassador meets Jamaican Prime Minister; explains proposed roadmap for Haiti

Angie Martinez y Andrew Holnes / Acento

The Dominican Republic’s ambassador in Jamaica, Angie Martínez Tejera forecasts the strengthening of ties between both countries. At the meeting she explained the Dominican vision for a bilateral agenda with Haiti highlighted in the Joint Declaration President Abinader and his counterparts from Costa Rica and Panama signed on 20 October 2021 in Panama.

“We seek, within a framework of respect for dignity and human rights, to address the issue of the crisis and political instability in Haiti, not only as a matter of solidarity with this neighboring country, but also because this crisis can lead to insecurity in the region,” she highlighted.

After meeting with Prime Minister Andrew Holness, she tweeted: “A new and better era is about to be born between the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.”
“I am keen to see the blossoming of the wonderful potentials between our two countries and stand committed to working hard and enthusiastically for a new and better era in our relations for the well-being of our people,” she tweeted.

The ambassador says that trade is up and there is much interest on both sides.

The embassy press release highlights the conditions for a win-win, more profitable and closer relationship.

The ambassador says that the new administration seeks to relaunch relations with the Caribbean through the rapprochement and recomposing of bilateral ties with each of the nations of the Caricom bloc, with Jamaica being a fundamental country, due to its great leadership and importance.

The embassy press release explains that Prime Minister Holness expressed his desire to work in coordination with President Abinader and Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez “on bilateral or regional projects of mutual interest, as well as in the establishment of new synergies that will help strengthen the economies of both countries and provide new sources of employment for both Jamaicans and Dominicans.”

“I look forward to meeting the new president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader. We are convinced that it is strategically very valuable to promote trade and investment between our two countries. We are called to be natural partners,” said the Jamaican Prime Minister, as reported in the press release.

On the Dominican Republic-Jamaica bilateral agenda are issues such as connectivity and the signing of the bilateral air services agreement; visa exemption for Dominican passports “and the configuration of a more flexible and open system for business and trade relations between both nations.”

Ambassador Martínez said she is convinced that “the best years of diplomatic relations with Jamaica are yet to come” and that her government would work hand in hand with the Jamaican government for greater integration and cooperation in multiple areas.

Ambassador Martínez is a graduate of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo with master’s and doctoral degrees in international law from the Sorbonne University, the Institute of Political Studies of Paris (Science PO), the Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset and the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She is a specialist in human rights and guest professor of the Master in International Relations at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

Previously, Martinez had been in charge of negotiating important academic collaboration agreements with universities in Europe and the United States, thanks to which tens of thousands of Dominican students of limited resources have been able to pursue their master’s and doctoral degrees outside the country.

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22 October 2021