Your electricity bill will go up this month

Prices for electricity consumption will go up. / La Bilirrubina / Twitter

For the first quarter of 2022, electricity will continue to go up as the government seeks to rid itself of the burden of covering hundreds of millions in technical losses accountable to the electricity distributors (the Edes).

Some clients have already begun to suffer the economic blows, since they were charged the new rates in spite of only having three days of the new year on their bill. This is the case where a client was billed on 3 December, and then on 3 January, but, because of the new tariffs, the entire bill was calculated at the new rates.

In general, the increase in tariffs is being gradually applied. For example, the fixed cost for service of over 100 kWh are up by RD$2.24 in EdeNorte but it will go down by over RD$3.00 in EdeEste and EdeSur. Fees for consumption go up across the board, and those persons who use more than 700 kWh will be looking at increases of between RD$0.45 and RD$0.66 for each kWh of consumption. Remember that over 699 kWh, all consumption is calculated at the highest rate.

The process is aimed at eliminating the RD$174,000,000,000 that the government paid out between 2003 and 2020 due to inefficiencies in transmission as well as the notable incapacity of the different Edes to collect what is owed to them by clients.

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11 January 2022