Ministry of Environment files complaint against Police colonel for violation of Environmental Law

Elías Marte Palave / Diario Libre

The Ministry of Environment is calling for National Police Major General Eduardo Alberto Then to investigate the conduct of Colonel Elías Marte Palave. The Ministry filed a legal complaint against the colonel for illegally extracting aggregate from a gravel mine located less than 15 meters from the banks of the Haina River in San Cristóbal province, affecting an area of approximately 30,000 square meters.

The complaint was placed on Tuesday 25 January 2022 before the magistrate Rigoberto Santana, Specialized Prosecutor for the Defense of the Environment in San Cristóbal.

The complaint states that on 13 January 2022 members of the National Environmental Protection Service (SENPA), together with technicians of the Ministry of Environment were in La Cereza in San Cristóbal where they verified the excavations and extraction of sand carried out with heavy equipment, without these being authorized by the Ministry of Environment as established by the law.

Diario Libre investigated the colonel and found out that he is a controversial figure in the force.

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27 January 2022