Will Franklin García make it easier to get into public teaching excellence program?

Minister of Superior Education Franklin García Fermín changed his talk and now says the Ministry does not seek to amend Regulation 09-15 that requires aspirants to public school teaching positions to take an international standardized test, Diario Libre reports. He spoke during an event of the Association of International Business Professionals on Saturday, 19 November 2022 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Santo Domingo.

García Fermín has backed those in favor of changing the test for a locally-made test, more adapted to the educational level of those graduating from public schools.

Weeks ago, Vice President Raquel Peña had stated the Presidency did not back the amendments. The statement comes after President Luis Abinader ordered newly-appointed Education Minister Angel Hernandez to seek consensus. Yet, Superior Education Minister García Fermín until now had maintained the decision was one of the Ministry of Superior Education.

With his remark on Saturday, García Fermín would seem to assume the talk of those against the change. He said that in teacher training the position of the Ministry of Superior Education is to “keep moving forward.”

The minister specified that the country cannot go backwards in education and, above all, in teacher training, since their position is clear to “keep moving forward,” as reported in Diario Libre.

“Regarding Regulation 09-15, we want to make it clear, categorically, we reiterate, because there is talk that we want to take steps backward, to the past, and that is totally incorrect,” said the official.

Nevertheless, García Fermín said at the same time that the position of the Ministry of Superior Education is also to back those who aspire to enter the public school education career.

This month, García Fermín ordered an overhaul in the members of the committee in charge of the amendments in order to switch to a local test for those applying for teacher training slots. Diario Libre reported those that were removed opposed the changes.

García Fermín is a former rector of the state university. The state university is free and receives the largest number of graduates from the public school system, most with serious gaps in their education. Regulation 09-15 seeks to impede students with major deficiencies in their preparation becoming the teachers of the next generations.

On Friday, 18 November 2022, President Luis Abinader placed Education Minister Angel Hernandez with the responsibility of making “the necessary efforts” to achieve consensus on the regulatory framework (Regulation 09-15) for teacher training.

Hernandez reported that he will organize activities aimed at ensuring that all sectors express their points of view and achieve the expected consensus. Since his first day on the job in early August 2022, Hernandez has advocated for actions in favor of quality in education.

During a commencement ceremony, rector Miguel Fiallo Calderón of the National Pedro Henriquez Ureña University, a large private university, spoke strongly about the importance of international standardized tests as requirements for studying in the excellence in education programs for public school teachers. Fiallo Calderón was rejecting the lowering of the standards proposed by advocates of amending Regulation 09-15. UNPHU and Intec universities have been active in graduating students that have passed the international admission tests and submit themselves to the rigors of the excellence in education teacher training programs.

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21 November 2022