JCE urges increase in budget allotment

The Central Electoral Board (JCE) is requesting a significant increase in the allotments made in the 2023 National Budget that is under review in the National Congress. The JCE says that the electoral rules require that the JCE cover costs of the political party presidential primaries in 2023. The general elections are scheduled for February (municipal) and May (presidential and congressional) in 2024.

The National Budget Office has allocated RD$8.01 billion for the JCE in 2023, 10 billion less than what was requested by the electoral body. The president of the JCE, Roman Jaquez Liranzo in a letter sent on 2 September 2022 to Jose Rijo Presbot, director of the National Budget, said that in this pre-electoral year the JCE needs RD$18,742,756,561.62 to cover ordinary spending, and pre-electoral needs such as holding primaries at the national level and the expenditures of the operation of offices abroad.

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Diario Libre

30 November 2022