Extreme examples of injustice: Alburquerque Compres vs Tavares Duncan

Somos Pueblo’s Eduardo Sanchez (El Piro) presented a different video of the murder of sports communicator Manuel Tavares Duncan by the former president of the National Drug Control Agency (DNCD), Felix Alburquerque Compres. There is concern actions are underway to reduce the sentence to the retired Navy admiral. For instance, judge Patricia Padilla rejected including the videos showing the murder, and the former military never handed in the weapon with which he committed the killing.

The family hopes to get the judge’s decision overturned and the evidence of the videos to be accepted in the court, the legal counsel and the widow of Tavares Duncan explained on Esta Noche con Mariasela. Judge Patricia Padilla also called the widow, mother and children of Tavares Duncan “alleged victims” and has impeded their testimony be used when the case is heard in court.

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25 May 2023