PGR announces preventive custody Dotolcito case

The Public Prosecutor’s Office (PGR) has signaled out Wesly Vicent Carmona Corcino (El Dotolcito) as the person who organized the robbery on 16 April 2023 that ended with the death of innocent bystander Joshua Omar Fernandez Decena in Santo Domingo outside of Kiss Bar in Naco neighborhood.

The murder has made headlines because Carmona Corcino is the son of a well-known influencer and YouTuber, Dotol Nastra, who won the Soberano Award people’s choice award in 2023.

The PGR says that preventive custody measures send Carmona Corcino to one year of preventive custody in Najayo Jail. Luis Alberto Brito Troncoso gets three months at the Baní Jail and Alison de Jesus Perez Mejia is sent to await the trial with one year of preventive custody in La Victoria Jail.

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Attorney General Office

25 May 2023